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On a mission to automate business

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QAction® is a web-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that is simple to implement and configure. It can scale to meet the workflow and document storage needs of any small to large-scale organization.

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Deliver the Right Content to the Right Person at the Right Time

Manage Documents and Automate Your Office Easily

Few things can sap an organization's efficiency like the burden of manual paperwork, coupled with the inevitable errors it brings. Enter QAction—the solution that has empowered countless offices, spanning public and private sectors, to optimize their workflows to the fullest.

By liberating them from the shackles of paperwork, organizations can focus on what truly matters: enhancing their services for clients and customers.

So, what exactly is QAction? It's a state-of-the-art ECM solution off the shelf, designed to streamline document management. With QAction, you can consolidate all your documents into a centralized repository and customize workflows to suit your needs. This not only slashes processing times and eliminates paper clutter but also fosters seamless collaboration across teams. In essence, QAction revolutionizes document management, making it a breeze.

Your company's data in one central hub

Product Capabilities

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Document Intake

Digitize & OCR paper alongside electronic forms for collaboration and distribution.

Document Management

Secure content, centralize storage, and standardize classification for consistent retrieval.

Process Management

Streamline and automate ad-hoc or manual activities with no-code BPM Workflows.

Records Management

Stay compliant with records retention policies, certified for NARA ERM requirements.

Enterprise Requirements

Single sign-on, customize and integrate with business apps through re-usable APIs.

Drive your business forward

Benefits of Q-Action



QFlow enables your business to embrace modernization by leveraging cutting-edge technology, automation, and continuous updates. 



Ensure compliance and security while standardizing operations through paper digitization with QFlow.



Simplify your operations, reducing duplication and costs by centralizing access to information.



Scale effortlessly across agencies and maximize resource efficiency with QFlow's adaptable systems.

Tired of the info searching madness?

Let us show you what your organization could look like with automated workflows and intuitive document management.